OSRE is active in the real estate sector with the WoningDossier, a software solution that automates the entire process surrounding a real estate transaction.

Thanks to useful functions and smart algorithms, the sale or rental of real estate becomes fast, efficient and safe. From finding and managing candidates to signing the contract. One user-friendly system in which everyone involved works together. As a result, a real estate professional has control over the process, insight into candidates and leads, all documentation is in one place, easy collaboration by working from one central system and can be sold or rented faster. This creates better cooperation and communication between investors, brokers, buyers and tenants, with control and insight into the real estate portfolio.


Some immediate benefits

What does the link with OSRE do?

The Housing File has various functions that streamline the entire process surrounding a real estate transaction. This includes managing candidates, marketing & sales automation, credit check, ID check, automatic assignment, automatic mailing, my environment and digital signing.

OSRE, in collaboration with Evidos, has added an iDIN verification method to digital signing. With this, candidates must prove their identity by logging into their online bank with their debit card. The personal details such as name and date of birth that are known to the bank are ‘printed’ on the digital purchase or rental contract. This is a strong means of reducing the risk of fraud.

All types of documents, rental or purchase contracts, deeds and drawings can be digitally signed in the Housing File. First, choose the document to be signed. The candidate is then informed that the document is ready for signature in his personal environment. There the candidate clicks on the ‘sign’ button and signs with the mouse or a trackpad. The document is then securely stored in the personal environment of the candidate and the real estate professional.

Digital signing in the OSRE WoningDossier is therefore legally valid, safe and affordable. Therefore, it is a valuable addition to a digital workflow.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Fraud prevention
  • Seamless integration between and OSRE
  • Fast turnaround time

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