ReadID identity verification when digitally signing

Identity verification when signing a document?

Evidos and ReadID make it possible. With this you know even better with whom you do business.


How does it work?

ReadID is the leading NFC-based provider of mobile identity verification and originated from research at the Dutch company InnoValor. ReadID is widely used in various industries and application areas, where fraud prevention is of paramount importance, such as banking, digital signing, law enforcement and government.

Identity verification with NFC is possible with two things that (almost) everyone owns: an identity document and a mobile phone. Modern passports are equipped with an NFC chip according to the ICAO 9303 standard. This chip contains similar information as on the passport, but with some crucial differences: all information is digitally signed and encrypted and cannot be tampered with. The passport photo is also available in a high resolution, without additional watermarks.

Therefore, they are much more suitable for comparing the face with the printed face image on the passport (look-a-like fraud). Finally, a copied chip can be easily detected. Most modern ID cards and driver’s licenses have the same chip. The EU even has a regulation that makes this mandatory for new ID cards.

By digitally reading the NFC chip on a mobile phone with the ReadID app, the validity of the ID can be verified and customer information read without the risk of an OCR or typo. In a KYC process, this can be extended with holder verification: we can also verify that the person holding the passport is actually in possession of the passport. This is done through facial recognition, including vibrancy control, as a second step.

ID Proof


With the addition of ReadID in our ID Proof options, the identity of a user can be checked within ID Proof by reading an identity document with the NFC chip reader of a mobile phone and recording this in an identification file.



With ReadID it is now possible, when sending a document in our signhost environment, to ask the signer to identify himself by having his identity document read out with the NFC-Chip reader of a mobile phone and then recording it in the transaction receipt.

The integration of ReadID with Evidos offers our customers several advantages:

  • Safe
  • Clone Detection
  • Instant and fast verification
  • Scalable
  • No data errors possible
  • Sharp passport photo available
  • Better user experience

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