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Online contracteren automates the 8 steps of your KYC process with 1 tool.

The KYC process involves many repetitive bulk activities. Such as requesting extracts from the Trade Register, checking the UBO, determining who is authorized to sign, signing the UBO form or checking PEP and sanction lists. Time-consuming activities that lend themselves perfectly to automation. Online contracting ensures complete automation of the KYC process with 8 smart steps.

Some immediate benefits

What does Signhost’s integration with Online Contracting do

The collaboration between Online Contracting and Evidos ensures that UBO forms can be digitally signed and verified. Your customer can also be identified digitally with a Passport/ID scan. These applications from Evidos are fully integrated into the compliance solutions of Online Contracting. This ensures that you can carry out high-quality client investigations very quickly.

Online contracting offers 2 compliance solutions: UBO-X and KAM-X. Both are Saas solutions, which means that no ICT capacity is required for your organization.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between Signhost and Online Contracting
  • Fast turnaround time

KAM-X 8 steps, 1 approach

If you opt for optimal convenience, choose KAM-X. With 8 steps, your KYC process is fully automated. KAM-X replaces the manual WWFT client survey that is still performed at many organizations. A time-consuming and error-prone job. KAM-X performs the majority of the investigations fully automatically. The risks are determined after entering the Chamber of Commerce number. In addition, the authorized signatory(s) are determined, the organization chart is drawn up and the identification of persons can take place completely online. With KAM-X, organizations save time and money and are always prepared for an audit.

UBO-X quickly send UBO statements

The Ultimate Benificial Owner (UBO) is still manually processed in most organizations in a UBO statement, which is then presented to the customer for signature. This process is not only time consuming and error prone, but it is also repetitive work with little challenge. Online contracting developed the ready-to-use tool UBO-X especially for this process. This compares the UBOs in the UBO register with the UBOs that have emerged from your own research. Is there a difference? This is immediately passed on to the Chamber of Commerce. The UBO-X is part of the KAM-X but can also be used separately.

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