Evidos offers customers SmartDocuments digital signature

Immediately provide a created document with a legally valid digital signature? SmartDocuments and Evidos make it possible.

Smart document creation

SmartDocuments is a tool for template management and document automation. With the SmartDocuments software, users can easily and error-free monitor the corporate identity, manage templates and easily create documents.

“The same elements often appear in a company’s documents,” says Ben Kamphuis, sales manager at SmartDocuments. “We can automatically fill those elements with data from document management systems and other sources. This way we avoid cutting and pasting, and therefore mistakes.”

Sign documents

“We can also automatically provide the documents with a digital signature from the correct signer,” Kamphuis continues. “That is sometimes in the form of an image, usually a scan of the handwritten signature.”

In many cases, however, it is necessary that the persons authorized to sign signify themselves. This can be the case, for example, with a lease contract. Kamphuis: “In practice, this means that the customer has to print out, sign, scan and return a digital lease agreement.” Another example is an internship agreement. Before signing, it even has to go through three parties: the intern, the school and the internship company.

Trip to Ondertekenen.nl

SmartDocuments came up with a simple alternative to this cumbersome ‘print, scan and email’. For this purpose, the software supplier realized a link with the Dutch cloud-based signing solution from EvidosOndertekenen.nl.

The operation is simple. Is a scanned signature not enough and is an advanced or even qualified digital signature necessary? Then the SmartDocuments software provides the document with a referral to Ondertekenen.nl. Here the signatory can identify himself using iDIN, DigiD or a qualified certificate, for example, and put his or her signature. The signing process is recorded in a ‘transaction slip’. This is proof that someone actually signed.

The benefits of digital signing

The integration with Ondertekenen.nl offers the customers of SmartDocuments several advantages:

  • Faster. No more waiting for handwritten signatures. A purchase or agreement can be completed immediately.
  • More efficient. The signing of documents has also been completely digitized.
  • Cost saving. No more costs for paper, processing, storage and sending by post.
  • Environmentally friendly. Less printing saves trees.
  • Evidence provided. With the transaction receipt you have proof that a transaction is legally valid.

”Evidos and SmartDocuments join forces”

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