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XA has been working for more than 25 years to allow people, organizations, hardware, software and consultancy to work together optimally. Sharing and finding information plays a crucial role in this. And that in a world in which organizations and employees have to deal with a continuously growing flow of physical and digital information.

In this world, XA wants to make it easier for organizations and employees to find and share information. As an advisory knowledge partner, XA helps to optimize information flows within business processes. In this way, employees can make faster and better decisions that are independent of time and place.


Some immediate benefits

What does the link with XA do?

With the all-in-one software solution XA Flow, we help organizations optimize, automate and digitize information processes. We improve collaboration (and communication) between people and software packages.

Thanks to the link with, our customers can easily and efficiently offer digital documents for signature from any software package to their customers, suppliers and partners. Documents are signed 100% legally, with additional authentication options via SMS, iDIN, iDeal or DigiD.

  • Streamlined processes XA Flow and
  • Easily connect all your software packages, favorite apps and Big Data
  • Simple, safe and effective
  • Seamless integration with existing software and processes

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