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Software service to unburden people as much as possible. Based on this vision, Axians develops business solutions in which customers and employees are central, such as SynergySign. Axians focuses its solutions on customer interaction, insights and management information. In this way you ensure synergy between various business aspects and you can get to work immediately. All business solutions for, among other things, HRM and purchasing are developed on the basis of Exact software. In order to increase the efficiency with SynergySign, the process of digital signing has been integrated in the Exact Synergy software in collaboration with from Evidos.

Some immediate benefits

What does the SynergySign – link do?

Everyone likes streamlined processes, but often one barrier remains: documents that have to be signed, such as employment contracts or quotations. With SynergySign you can easily arrange this online, all from your Exact Synergy environment. Documents are created and submitted via a link to the signer, who can then legally sign the document. In Exact Synergy progress is fully tracked, so you always have an overview of the status. After receipt of the signature, the document is automatically secured again in the Synergy environment and it is immediately visible that the document has been signed and received. This makes signing documents easy and paperless.

  • Fast and legally valid
  • Significant cost savings
  • Seamless integration between and SynergySign
  • Good for the environment

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