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Volgjewoning offers an optimal customer journey and a manageable construction process for housing projects. From interest in a home to service and aftercare.

Volgjewoning is used by construction companies, developers and corporations. It offers one place with all communication and documentation for buyers/tenants, but also for all parties involved. This way everyone has the same information. This prevents errors and saves time.

With the Evidos link, purchase contracts and all other important documents can be digitally provided with a legally valid signature.

Evidos in the customer journey of Volgjewoning

For example, Evidos can already be used for signing purchase/contracting agreements. Both the buyers and the client can sign digitally via the platform. Each page can optionally be initialed. Additional and less work, drawings and other important documents can also be submitted digitally for signature.

Volgjewoning is an important part of the project quality assurance act. All information is accessible in one location for all parties, each with their own authorization, so that the law on the protection of personal data is optimally taken into account. More and less work choices can be offered digitally and, if desired, transferred to an internal program for a correct financial settlement.

Volgjewoning was founded in 2012 from decades of experience in guiding customers in housing projects. Volgjewoning is also constantly developing on trends from the market.

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Volgjewoning is happy to help you facilitate an optimal customer journey and a manageable construction process!

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