Packages and pricing

We offer solutions for secure login, online identification and electronic signatures for both small and large companies. You can request further pricing information for a specific solution or purchase one of the available packages directly.

ID Connect

Safe login with e-IDs. No user names or passwords needed.

ID Proof

Online identification of new clients with e-IDs or Passport selfie check.


Have your documents signed electronically with the right legal level of electronic authentication.

ID Connect

Log in with an e-ID directly from your own system using ID Connect

  • Login with e-IDs
  • Age verification (18+)
  • One-time full identification
  • No user names or passwords
  • Easy and secure
  • Easy to integrate with your process

ID Proof

Online identification of new clients with ID Proof

  • Identification file with independent evidence
  • Satisfy the requirements of your supervisory authority
  • Locally available e-IDs, such as iDIN and itsme®
  • Passport selfie check
  • Easy integration with your process


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PriceFree€90€ 270€ 540Contact
Number of transactions10100300600Contact
Number of users included as standard10124Contact
Quantity discountNoNoNoNoYes


Legally validWe support all types of electronic signatures that comply with eIDAS regulations.
Supports multiple signers per documentHave your documents signed by multiple signers outside your own organisation.
MultilingualAllow clients or employees to complete the signing process in their own language! Both the invitation message and the signing environment itself are available in Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Polish.
Supports sending of multiple documentsSend multiple documents for signing at the same time. That way, the signer can quickly sign multiple documents at once.
Web portal with personalised dashboardSee an overview of all transactions that have been sent, signed and rejected. Send automated reminders to signers who have not yet responded.
Workflow: allows for all parties to sign at once, or one by oneSend signature requests in order or simultaneously
Sign from own app or website, or on locationAllow signers to provide electronic signatures on-site without having to send a signature request.
Signature book allows users to instantly sign for multiple transactionsAll signature requests to employees within the organisation are bundled by email address in each employee’s portal account
Real-time status updatesAlways view the status of sent transactions in real time
Audit log transaction slipFor each signature, the sender receives a transaction slip showing the steps of the signing process
Sign with your mobile phoneThe Evidos platform allows you to sign documents electronically on your mobile phone
Immediately rendered in familiar PDF formatAgreements are shown in a PDF reader that indicates whether the electronic signatures are legally valid
REST APIWe provide a simple signing API that allows you to directly integrate electronic signatures in your own application
Webhook status updates and user dataReceive information and signed documents in your back office automatically, without having to navigate to an external portal
Send automated reminders and notificationsSend out automated reminders to signers and receive notifications
Determine signing locationChoose where the electronic signature appears in the document
InitiallingAutomatically have all pages of the document initialled with the signer’s signature
Fillable documentsAllow signers to enter information or tick boxes in pre-defined fields before signing the document
Smart Web FormsWeb forms allow signers to initiate signatures themselves✓(€)✓(€)
Online identification fileThis allows you to confirm a person’s identity entirely electronically✓(€)
Single Sign On (SSO)Evidos supports SSO through the openID Connect protocol. This allows us to connect with the user administration of services like Azure, Okta and G Suite out of the box. No more separate passwords needed!✓(€)


Personalised landing page for all signersChoose which landing page the signers of your documents will see
Customised subject line in emailsEdit the subject line of signature requests
Signing screen based on own corporate identifyBrand the signing environment with your organisation’s colour scheme and logo✓(€)✓(€)
Emails based on own corporate identityBrand the layout of signature requests to reflect your organisation’s look and feel✓(€)✓(€)
Senders are assigned a unique email address domainSend signature requests from your organisation’s domain✓(€)✓(€)

Verification methods

Biometric signatureSign by scribbling with your finger, a mouse or a stylus pen
Email verificationVerify signers based on their email address
IP verificationVerify signers based on their IP address
Text message/phone number verificationVerify signers based on a TAN code sent by text message
1ct iDEAL verificationVerify signers by means of a 1ct payment via iDEAL
iDIN verification (via Evidos)Verify signers by means of a non-payment bank transaction✓(€)
itsme® verification (via Evidos)Verify signers using itsme®✓(€)
Qualified certificatesAllow signers to sign electronically with a qualified certificate
DigiDVerify signers using DigiD login✓(€)
itsme® qualifiedAllow signers to sign electronically with a qualified certificate via itsme®✓(€)
iDIN customAs DISP for iDIN, Evidos can provide iDIN directly on its behalf✓(€)
eHerkenningAllow signers to sign electronically using eHerkenning✓(€)
SurfConextAllow your users to log in to all cloud services used by your institution with one user name and password.✓(€)
eIDASAllow signers to provide electronic signatures with eIDAS signing✓(€)
NFC - Selfie passport verificationVerify signers by reading the NFC chip in their passport✓(€)
OCR - Selfie passport verificationVerify signers by having them take a selfie with their passport✓(€)


Support in accordance with general terms and conditionsRead ‘Service level description (basic)’ for the standard support that Evidos provides to clients using its electronic identification and signature service.
Status pageAlways view the real-time status of the Evidos platform
Support via chat, email, telephoneClient support and technical support during office hours
Training TuesdayEvery second Tuesday of the month, a training session is held for Evidos platform users✓(€)✓(€)✓(€)✓(€)
Online trainingAn online training course for Evidos platform users, led by one of our product specialists✓(€)✓(€)✓(€)✓(€)
On-site trainingA training course for Evidos platform users, delivered at your office by one of our product specialists✓(€)✓(€)
Account managerGet access to an account manager✓(€)
Emergency hotlineAccess to the Evidos emergency hotline: available 24/7✓(€)
Service Level AgreementConclude a Service Level Agreement in addition to our regular terms and services✓(€)
Rate limits for customised solutionsTo guarantee good performance for all clients, we set certain limits. Do you need more? Are you handling a large number of transactions? Contact us to discuss the options.✓(€)
Audit reportsEvidos undergoes various audits and penetration tests. The results can be shared with our clients in consultation.✓(€)
Customised terms and conditionsAs a cloud service, we use standard terms and conditions to guarantee our services and remain in control in case of an emergency. We work together with the client to define customised terms and conditions.✓(€)