Qualified Electronic Signature

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  • Easy to integrate via our Webservice API
  • No additional hardware required
  • No costs for the signer
  • Easy to create for the signer

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QES: Qualified electronic signature

Digitally sign a mortgage deed, insurance policy or real estate lease? In that case, the identity of the signatory must be conclusively established. This is possible with a qualified electronic signature (Qualified Electronic Signature – QES).

The qualified electronic signature is the most secure signature in existence, more secure than a regular or advanced electronic signature. In a lawsuit, a QES has the same value as the handwritten signature. The signer’s identity is verified during a face-to-face meeting. Only then can someone put their first QES.

The signer then authenticates itself with a qualified certificate and a “second factor” such as a PIN. However, applying for such a qualified certificate costs a lot of time and money. Evidos therefore recently offers two user-friendly and cost-efficient methods for placing a qualified signature via an app.

Qualified signing with itsme

itsme is a new way to securely log in to various online services. However, the itsme app can also be used for qualified signing of digital documents.

With the QES from Evidos and itsme, signatories can put a qualified signature on a digital document in no time. After downloading the itsme app and a one-time identification, a certificate is created with which the user can sign qualified.

  • No additional hardware required to store the certificate
  • No costs for the signer
  • Easy to create for the signer
  • Accessible to all residents of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg
  • Available in the Start, Basic, Plus and Enterprise package
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Qualified signing with ZealID

ZealiD’s mission is to provide every online user with access to a legally recognized identity and signature through the ZealiD app. Using Face ID or Touch ID, users can login, register, and sign qualified.

ZealiD makes signing with a qualified electronic signature very easy. Signers go through a one-time identification process in the ZealID app and can then sign documents electronically with their ZealiD.

  • No additional hardware required to store the certificate
  • No costs for the signer
  • Easy to create for the signer
  • Accessible to all residents of Europe
  • Available in the Enterprise package
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ABN AMRO allows customers to sign qualified via app

Business lending sometimes involves substantial amounts. “Then there should be no discussions about the customer’s identity,” says Matthijs van Ganzewinkel, Product Owner Digital Document Exchange at ABN AMRO. With the qualified electronic signature of Evidos and ZealiD, the bank is assured of a ‘truly complete identification’.

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Matthijs van Ganzewinkel
Product Owner at ABN AMRO


Qualified signing made accessible

The regular application process for a qualified certificate is cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive. ZealiD and itsme remove these drawbacks. Also, no additional hardware is required to store the certificate. This makes qualified signing much more accessible to the general public.

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