Realtime dashboard

A direct insight into transactions and electronic authentication

The Evidos platform comes with a management dashboard that allows you to monitor your transactions in real time, 24/7. The Evidos platform allows you to take complete control of the signing and identification process.


Monitor the status of your transactions at any given time

The Evidos real-time dashboard allows you to inspect all your outstanding and completed transactions, meaning you can monitor the exact status of each transaction at any given time. With each transaction, you can also monitor each individual signatory’s status. The system tracks each signatory’s status with regard to the receipt, inspection, signing or rejection of the document in real time.

Data analysis and reporting

The Evidos real-time dashboard also provides you with an overview of all the transactions you have made in any given month. As a result of this overview, you will always be up to speed on that month’s activities. You will also learn which methods work best for your organisation.



Optimising your conversion rate

The Evidos real-time dashboard allows you to monitor your transactions’ conversion rate. The information gleaned from your data analysis and data reports allows you to optimise your conversion rate. You can indicate in the system when you wish the signatories to be sent automated reminders of the documents they have been requested to sign.


The Evidos electronic authentication platform is omnichannel and quick and easy to use, allowing your clients to sign documents wherever and whenever they please, remotely and on the spot. We guarantee that your transactions will be smooth, regardless of which device you use. Documents can be electronically signed on a PC or laptop, on a mobile phone or tablet, or at a reception desk.

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