Evidos April update: Q2 2022

Transaction receipt in multiple languages

It will soon be possible to send the transaction receipt in multiple languages.

The transaction receipt currently has one language, which is set up by Evidos for your account. This can be English from Dutch.
With this feature, the transaction receipt becomes multilingual. Choose the chosen language setting in the web portal for the language of the transaction receipt.

Furthermore, languages ​​of the signatories are also included as secondary languages, so that everyone can view the transaction receipt in their own language. With this function, the messages to the dispatch are also automatically sent in the language of the portal.

This is all possible in the API.

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Event: New Era of Identified Signing

Evidos is organizing a live event for the first time in three years!

We would like to invite you to our live event:
The new era of identified signing.

15:00 – Walk-in and reception
15:15 – Opening door Kick Willemse, co-founder of Evidos
15:30 – Jasper Jansbeken, lawyer at ICT Law
16:00 – Matthijs van Ganzewinkel, Product Owner at ABN AMRO
16:30 – Arthur Dallou, Managing partner at itsme®
17:00 – Q&A and closing
17:15 – Drinks

In this session we will discuss the latest developments of signed signing in the Netherlands. We also discuss the legal obligation to accept this form of signing. We explain how your organization can prepare here.

Be inspired while enjoying a drink and a snack. Get ready for the new era in identified signing and attend our free event!

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New legal statement

Evidos has updated the legal statement. You can read more about this statement here, about the new certifications we have achieved

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Evidos team updates

Evidos has a new member in the team!

Boris de Ruiter is our new part-time Sales Marketeer. In addition to his studies, he goes to support marketing and sales departments.
At Evidos we make sure that employees keep moving and have fun. That’s why we started bouldering with the team. Our bouldering enthusiasts Jan-Jaap and Ruud organized and supervised this.

We look forward to doing more activities!

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