Evidos product update: Q2 2022

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With this post we are communicating about new product updates for both the web portal and API.

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In this product update, we focus on:

  • Qualified signing with itsme and ZealiD, electronic signatures in our App/Google Workspace, Teams feature and release.

Easy Qualified Signing

In recent years, it has been difficult to obtain qualified electronic signatures, as signers usually required smart cards, card readers or USB tokens. Recently, in EU countries such as Belgium, this became easier as signers were able to create qualified electronic signatures for free with apps. We have been working with itsme for the Belgian market for some time now and are pleased to announce that itsme is now also available for Dutch signatories.

This means that applying for qualified electronic signatures has become a no-brainer, and itsme is available in all our packages.

If the target group is drawing from all over Europe, it makes sense to look for a pan-European qualified solution. Evidos has integrated ZealiD for this. ZealiD makes it possible for any European citizen to activate a qualified signing app within 15 minutes at no cost to the signers. It gives cross-border organizations a valid and easy-to-use way to put qualified signatures on sensitive contracts and agreements. ZealiD is integrated into our Evidos signing solution.

Integrations and partners

Evidos integrates with many software environments to use electronic signatures and proof directly in your existing workflow and tooling. If you use the smartphone to send signature invitations, our app will definitely help you manage your signing tasks. The app integrates directly with contacts, works with file storage by sharing PDFs with the Evidos app, allows you to save templates for recurring requests and makes sharing invitations easy by integrating with WhatsApp, Signal, Mail and other apps on the telephone. Try it here:https://www.evidos.com/nl/evidos-app

We also have a new Google Workspace integration. For example, if you’re using Drive, Gmail, or Docs, we now have an integration that lets you send invites right from the sidebar.https://workspace.google.com/marketplace/app/evidos/721534250558

We’ve added new functionality to our signing service:

  • The new transaction screen has been improved:
  • Authenticate to view the document (login)
  • Using multiple authentications at once for a signer
  • Clarity and improvements for new users
  • You can enter your own subject line in the portal and preset one in the settings
  • Increased limits on file size, pages and amounts of documents/signers that can be added in a single transaction.
  • We recognize the browser language and set it automatically in the portal
  • We synchronize the portal language with the signer invitation language and the phone number country code if you use SMS verification.
  • In our API you can change the language of the transaction receipt and the emails you receive as the sender

In the near future you can expect the following new functionality:

  • Our transaction receipts will be multilingual, so your preferred language and that of the signatories are taken into account when generating them. That way, all parties have a receipt in their preferred language.
  • Developers will be able to create and manage their own appkeys in our portal.
  • Customers can set their own sender domains when mailing from our portal. In the past this was configured by Evidos.
  • We are working towards our new ‘Teams’ function. This means that multiple users can participate in transactions, and can see and download transactions from colleagues in the same team. We will release the api for this shortly, and follow up later with this functionality from the portal.

These improvements will be communicated by mail and with tours and tips directly in our portal (for portal functions), so that colleagues informed by us can get started quickly.

ID proof has been improved:

We’ve added support for German, French, and Spanish, and made some other improvements. See the full release notes here: https://intercom.help/evidos/en/articles/6077848-id-proof-release-22-03-2022 


We’ve improved our status page, you can now subscribe to individual features in our system. This helps to only receive status page messages for parts of the Evidos solution that you actually use. Use the link in our email status page to manage the subscribed components.

Please note that the status page is our way of communicating about issues, maintenance and security updates, so subscribing is highly recommended to stay informed.

In addition to e-mail, you can also subscribe via SMS, Slack message, webhook and RSS, so for business-critical parts you are at home in all markets.


New sub-processors

At Evidos we are busy with scalability and supporting more identification methods. To make this possible, we have connected new services. These parties have been carefully selected and thoroughly checked as part of our SOC 2 certification. In addition, written agreements have been made with these parties to guarantee the protection of personal data.

  • For management and maintenance of our database, we engage OptimaData B.V. in.
  • Global Orange B.V. we are committed to developing and maintaining the app.
  • Messagebird B.V. was already used by Evidos for the SMS service, but since the takeover of our mail service Sparkpost, we now also send e-mails via Messagebird.
  • ZealiD AB and SURF B.V. we use as an identity provider as verification methods in our drawing service.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact privacy@evidos.com.

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