Evidos Web eID Plug-in

Allows you to sign documents with a Qualified Certificate, straight from your browser

Evidos Web eID Plug-in

Install our Web eID plug-in to sign documents with a Qualified Certificate

The Evidos Web eID plug-in allows you to sign documents with a Qualified Certificate, directly from your browser. Signing with a Qualified Certificate can be seen as the highest level of signing within the eIDAS regulations. The plug-in makes signing in the browser work, and enables signers to sign with their national ID, smartcard or USB token. This plug-in bridges the gap from hardware to browser. Customers of Evidos who send out a signing invitation may choose to require a Qualified Certificate during document signing. The following information explains what this plug-in does, how it is installed, and why it is important to have it running during a signing operation.



To install this plug-in, simply run the .MSI installer file and follow the steps. Click on the button ‘download plug-in’ to install the file. Choose an appropriate installation location. Installing and running this plug-in currently only works in Microsoft Windows! This installer can be deployed from a central server as well, using the same .MSI installer.

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How does it work?

This plug-in bridges the gap from a signee’s computer and the Evidos signing platform in the web browser. Specifically, this plug-in creates a communication tunnel between a Qualified hardware token, middleware (if applicable) and the web. It does this by enabling communication with the local host ( through an open port.

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How does it work

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What does it look like?

The Web eID plug-in runs as an active application in the task bar when installed. After opening a sign invitation link and proceeding to sign a document, the Evidos signing platform will search for the active plug-in. When an active plug-in is not found, the signer will be prompted to follow a link to the Evidos site, in order to download and install the most recent plug-in version.


How to sign?

When the Evidos sign platform encounters an active plug-in, the user will be prompt to select and insert a Qualified Certificate. After selecting this certificate the signer is prompted to enter the PIN code. After entering a correct PIN, the document will be signed with an electronic signature. The signer is done, and will be redirected to a page chosen by Evidos’ customer.


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